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kingsway gardens apartment

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residential alterations + additions

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234 Lake Street, Perth
2015 - 2016
Concept Design, Design Development + Development Application

The additions to this 1903 semi-detached residence are in stark contrast to the existing, with a strong focus on passive solar design and energy efficiency. A crisp box is elevated in the air and lines up with the existing on the north boundary to protect the ground floor glazing that is setback below, allowing the glazed living space to be shaded in summer and warmed in winter by the sun whilst maintaining visual privacy from the three-storey townhouses across the road. The planes of the box diminish towards a single north facing window, also protecting it from the summer sun whilst allowing the winter sun to enter.

Despite the narrow nature of the site, the mass of the additions is also setback from the southern boundary to allow adequate cross ventilation and to enhance buildability of the project. Through the use of colour and glazing, the box appears to sit lightly on the site and reduces the perceived bulk of the building. The site also slopes down towards the rear, so the additions follow the fall of the land with a sequence of steps down which helps create a clear distinction between new and old, and further reduced the perceived bulk of the building.

A steel frame in the backyard houses tensioned cables for planting to grow and provide shade for the outdoor space which can also double as the carport, whilst also providing greenery and natural visual relief to the small inner city site.

Internally, the existing long hallway splays open to embrace the open plan public domain of the house. An open staircase leads up to a master suite whilst allowing visual permeability and cross ventilation.