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Level 6, 100 St Georges Terrace, Perth
Concept Design

The Energy industry has evolved over many years to require a fast paced, efficient work environment to support their field operations. This often means that their workforce is required to morph into ever increasing and decreasing project teams, making it a very different environment to other more static office based industries.

Conventional open plan workspaces filled with seas of workstations surrounded by enclosed managerial offices, meeting rooms and support areas are often proposed as a solution to the problem, but they can create workflow issues and aesthetically uninspiring environments which, in turn, leads to a high level of staff turn over.

Apache Energy approached JUO requesting a pilot study that would revolutionise their business if adopted, breaking away from the conventional design that had been adopted for the company’s last office fit-out.

The study proposed a mix of work styles offering greater functional flexibility whilst creating an attractive environment to inspire staff and promote staff retention. Staff members are not assigned a specific desk, instead they are free to adopt the most effective work space to complete their task on any given day. Lap top computers and mobile phones for each staff member allow this flexibility and individual lockers offer personal storage.

Bright vibrant colour identifies meeting spaces amongst the various workstation configurations. The meeting spaces are predominately modular systems that can be easily erected without the cost and disruption of construction; an important consideration for project implementation. Where existing built spaces were retained and redefined, the same bright colour is applied to the existing glazing using transparent film.

120º workstations offer organic space planning and with the flexibility of removable desktop partitions, offer teams the ability to grow and shrink as required and also include individual workspaces. Accompanied by high-level workbenches staff are encouraged to stand rather than sit, helping promote a healthy workforce and holistic approach to the project brief.

The overall solution to the brief is a vibrant environment filled with options. Each day staff can come to work and decide how they wish to work, where and with whom, to create a harmonious, happy and more efficient workforce.