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6A Aberdeen Street, Perth
Concept Design, Design Development + Development Application

This project’s brief offered many complex and exciting opportunities requiring two separate businesses to be facilitated under one roof on the fringe of Perth’s CBD.

This project looked holistically at the premises, which had been used for many years as a paper storage warehouse. Externally, consideration was given to reconnecting the interior space to the streetscape outside. The existing industrial, steel-framed windows were revealed and a new contemporary colour palette, vibrant entry portal and address inscription on top of the building redefine the building, giving it its own identity whilst separating it from the adjoining print-works.

During business hours the central security shutter is lifted to revel the vibrant and striking blue entry portal, welcoming visitors and staff alike to the showroom. After hours the shutter is lowered concealing the portal and moving the focus to the illuminated kerb-side trees. This day and night drama was well received by the City of Perth, pleased for the increased street presence in an otherwise uninhabited area of town at night.

Internally the industrial feel of the warehouse is retained at large, exposing the vast steel framed roof structure and sealed concrete floor.

Following transition through the portal from the pavement outside, you find yourself in a large communal multifunctional area; intended to be used for industry functions, product launches and demonstrations.

This large expanse of floor is where the delineation between the two occupying business begins. One half of the new raised timber floor and adjoining perimeters walls are painted white, the other black. A “cut line and scissors” painted through the middle of the floor highlights this difference in a humorous way and acknowledges the fun and welcoming side of both businesses.

The black and white finishes are accented on each side of the interior, black on white, white on black, not only to create a visible separation but also for practical reasons.

A “White Hall” with central pylon located below a white suspended ceiling offers the perfect venue to demonstrate the endless possibilities that can be achieved using light, whilst the black walls of the furniture showroom allow the viewer’s attention to be solely focused on the product in front of them as the wall beyond disappears in the shadows.

Lighting Options Australia wanted to promote their capabilities of exterior lighting so an internal streetscape was created complete with road markings, building façade, display vehicle and street lights in what can only be described as the ultimate outdoor, indoor experience.

Finally, centrally located, communal utility and breakout areas offer interaction between the businesses whilst designated workspaces allow the day to day running of each to be carried out independently.

The overall design is complex through its usage and flexibility, but the clean and simple aesthetic allows the two businesses to operate collectively without one overpowering the other.