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primrose house

primrose house
residential new build

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27 Primrose Street, Perth
2014 - current
Concept Design, Design Development, Development Application + Construction Documentation

Situated on an originally vacant block in an inner city suburb, the design of this contemporary two-storey single residence was, in large, a passive solar design response to the orientation of the site and the large electric easement which occupies half the width of the site. With the long axis of the available site facing north-west, the form of the building was positioned on the north-east boundary to maximise the usable site area whilst creating a functional interior space, with the boundary wall rising up and folding into the roof plane and then folding back down on the north-west fašade to protect the main building line on the west. Like an external skin, the overhang protects the main glazing line and building volume from the hot westerly summer sun, whilst still allowing a view and connection out to the main external spaces and garden.

The main living spaces are located on the ground floor towards the front of the property facing Primrose Street. The floor plate follows the natural fall of the land, with a split level dividing the living space from the kitchen and dining space whilst maintaining an open plan. Large expanses of glazing open onto the outdoor entertaining areas and are protected by an overhang on the first floor. A flexible bedroom suite is situated towards the rear of the ground floor, allowing it to be adapted as a guest bedroom or home office.

Two bedroom suites occupy the first floor, with small balconies facing the street and looking out over the garden. A large opening in the external skin allows views out and light penetration when desired, but also houses an external retractable tensioned screen to block out the summer sun.