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uwa student guild
pro bono 2013

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University of Western Australia
Concept Design + Contract Documentation

As part of the University of Western Australia Guild's larger masterplan for the Guild Village, we offered our pro bono services to assist with the delivery of the ground floor Student Centre and Volunteering Hub which was to provide a fun, accessible and appealing shopfront that portrayed the branding of these two key areas. The goal of the re-brand and associated spaces was to increase the number of students accessing Guild services and to raise good will for the Guild and Guild Volunteering. The two brands needed to be clearly identifiable whilst complimentary.

Functionally, the Guild Student Centre is a high traffic area often providing students with their first impression of the Guild. Guild Volunteering's reach is much smaller with the aim of building a culture of volunteering, community engagement at the University and to establish sustainable relationships with community organisations.

The importance of colour and it's relationship to the two brands was utilised to capture the passing student's attention whilst exercising a level of restraint to create a sophisticated and intriguing interior. A shallow corridor space divides and introduces student's to the two areas. A black portal draws students in to overcome the shallow space with clear signage flanked by exposed fluorescent lights. Due to the low ceiling height the off-form concrete slab above was left exposed, with industrial cable trays and surface mounted cassette air-conditioning units adding depth and interest to the ceiling plane. Similarly, the concrete floor has been left exposed both for aesthetics as well as durability; providing a neutral backdrop to facilitate re-fitting and re-branding in 5-8 years.

Being a space occupied by less people but for a longer period of time, a warm colour palette was chosen for the Volunteering hub. An industrial steel framed window divides the hub area from the offices, being a surface available for transient graphics with a wooden door further promoting the brand colour. Rugs, perforated ceiling panels and acoustic pin boards have been utilised to combat the hard surfaces in creating a comfortable interior environment.

A contrasting and complimentary colour for the Student Centre draws student's in the opposite direction towards the clearly visible reception counter. Clear signage, appropriate seating, a screen for moving content and expanses of display surfaces for student information create both a functional and aesthetically inviting space.