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Courtyard Cafe

courtyard cafe
hospitality fitout

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Midland Square, Midland
Concept Design

The aim of this scheme was to create an inviting interior that responded to the site and base building aesthetic, whilst clear paths of travel marked out in the floor surface overcome the awkward angular tenancy envelope. To capitalise on the efficiency of the new fitout, the existing kitchen had been retained and the counter located in a similar position to the existing counter.

The existing columns are connected by the counter canopy, concealing their presence and articulated as a sandwich of contrasting dark panels framing the counter whilst displaying signage and accommodating lighting. The paths of travel from the 3 main entry points are connected and have also afforded an additional store room next to the kitchen. The new angled wall of the store room is set back from the glass line to allow incorporation of signage, with this wall and the opposing planter leading people smoothly into the cafe. Booth seating is located in the most intimate corner of the tenancy flanked by the timber planter and wall art above. High level seating along the front glazing line accommodates the "lone" diner beside cantilevered tables from the base building column build-outs. The location of loose furniture on the courtyard side of the cafe allows for future integration of the courtyard space into the operation of this cafe.

The material and colour palette consists of a sophisticated combination of dark cabinetwork and carpet for contrast, white subway tiles to freshen up the interior, timber for warmth and texture, feature green fabric and artwork to relate to the existing base building door and window frames and pops of yellow highlights most noticeable in the feature lighting which forms a backdrop in the acute angled corner of the tenancy.