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Boulevard Residence

boulevard residence
residential alterations + additions

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The Boulevard, City Beach
Concept Design

The alterations and additions to this 1960ís home came from a desire to cater for a young family with a primary focus around the Ďheartí of the home - the indoor and outdoor living areas - whilst also providing an additional bedroom.

The aesthetic centred around being able to make these alterations and additions to bring the home up to contemporary standards whilst being sympathetic to the 1960ís structure and styling.

A re-arrangement of the main kitchen, dining and living spaces on the lower split level within the existing envelope created a brighter and more open plan space whilst responding to the budget. Feature cabinetwork acts as both privacy screening from the front door, as well as the main form of storage and housing for the living room television and fireplace. New glazing and sliding doors facing the backyard afforded the opportunity to connect with an outdoor dining area, pool and play area.

A new parentís wing along the west boundary protects the outdoor living area from the harsh south-westerly weather. The wing includes a master bedroom which opens out onto a deck, a low height feature robe to allow light into the interior and an opulent ensuite. The extension of the roof line from this parentís wing forms a sheltered lounging area at the end of the pool.