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Initiative Media

initiative media
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344 Hay Street Subiaco
Concept Design, Design Development + Construction Documentation

Initiative Media is, as the name indicates, a creative modern media company. A strong team environment with easy communication and interaction between all the staff including management at their new offices in Subiaco assists with the promotion of this initiative.

Upon entry to the office, clients and visitors are greeted by an angled partition in vibrant corporate colours and glass to the left etched with the company logo leaving no doubt you have arrived at Initiative Media. No visual barriers between the workspace and entrance areas removes the need for a manned reception whilst clever placement of the new boardroom and archive area clearly defines the public space whilst removing the requirement for a physical barrier.

The base building structure has a rustic charm. Surface mounted electrical conduits, a polished concrete floor and no ceiling leave the old timber rafters and mechanical services to be exposed. It was quickly decided that these features should be retained and celebrated, offset against the extensive use of new glass partitions, aluminium and new feature carpet to the boardroom and rear office area. A new ceiling over the boardroom is the only deviation from this concept, but can be excused due to the commercial reality requiring acoustic separation from the adjacent office and waiting areas.

Existing timber decking was removed to comply with current regulations and one of the two existing window displays was deconstructed to allow natural light to penetrate the interior. With this being the only exposed window in the tenancy, white walls and workstations help keep the aesthetic bright and airy in the open plan area and planter boxes to each of the storage units in the workspace inject warmth, colour and fun.