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'A' House

'a' house
residential interior renovation

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Olive Street, Subiaco
Concept Design

The intention of the internal renovations was to create a larger feeling of space and a fresh bright aesthetic to match the vibrant location of this 1980s Subiaco townhouse.

On the ground floor the existing living, dining, kitchen and laundry spaces were very segregated and visually isolated. The staircase, kitchen pantry column and laundry walls were removed to create an open plan space which promotes social interaction between each of the spaces and also creates a more generous volume. The staircase has been replaced with a lighter structure, with lost storage relocated to full height cupboards in the kitchen. The dedicated laundry room was replaced with a European laundry to remove redundant circulation space.

On the first floor, the bathroom was upgraded and also made to feel larger with the removal of a built-in linen cupboard and cumbersome shower screen. Clever storage solutions that float off the walls cater for the practicalities required in a bathroom whilst reducing the perceived mass of the built-in furniture for a modern and uncluttered aesthetic.

A bright and fresh base of colour was introduced to bounce light around the small interior, with dark accents to create a layered palette of both colours and textures.