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Rushton Residence

rushton residence
residential alterations + additions

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Banksia Terrace, Kensington
2010 - 2011
Concept Design, Design Development, Development Application + Contract Documentation

The intention for the design of the alterations and additions to Banksia Terrace was to address a brief for a growing family with an increase in the programme of spaces, whilst also upgrading the tired fašade of the residence (pictured on opposite page). The main strategy with the arrangement of spaces to the addition was to maximise the access to north facing natural light, with appropriate glazing and sunshading devices creating a temperate and light filled interior. Timber louvres to the first floor glazing wrap around the southern window to restrict overlooking and continue around to protect the ground floor glazing.

The linear arrangement has also created the opportunity for a generous, landscaped and sun filled open space, which every habitable room within the residence has visual and physical connection to. A lap pool is the feature of the outdoor space, with a timber deck leading from the main living area towards the pool while also housing the barbecue area.

A double garage has been located in the north-western corner of the site to compliment the symmetry of the existing front facade while maintaining visual surveillance from the study corner window of the street.